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What we do differently

I’m not your typical web developer.  I love to build relationships with my students and clients.  I want you to have a winning website!

I’ve had over 20 years of being the only developer in many teams that could communicate with end users or clients.  Frustrating as it was at the time as I had to do all of their client facing meetings, I’ve now realised that’s my superpower – teaching people without the technobabble and helping them to understand what they need for their business website and why.

I have an eye for design and understand why it’s important to you.  Your website will look exactly as you envisaged – no excuses!

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Kelly’s course speaks in real language and makes it super easy to understand, but it’s clear her technical knowledge is on the money and up to date. Her patient manner is clear throughout but her eye for detail, means that there’s no chance you’ll miss something important. What’s so brilliant about Kelly is that she manages the whole package and makes you think about everything the right way – there’s no putting the cart before the course so you’re looking at branding and what you’ll need as a business along with the customer perspective and experience to create the perfect finished product.

Olivia Vandyk

About Kelly

After 20-years of working in London as a web developer and designer for companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment, in 2013, I took the most significant step in my career. I walked away from my corporate job and life in the city to become a mother.

My father was a very successful businessman, family man and one of my biggest inspirations, and his passing made me realise how much I wanted to set the same positive example for my daughter.

Being a woman in a male-dominated industry for so long and dealing with other developers, I saw a gap in the market to serve female entrepreneurs who cared about design and how their brand was perceived. They don’t want to deal with a stereotypical developer or be held to ransom with expensive development additions after their original website is built.

I decided that I would not only create websites for my clients but help them to understand everything on there and train them to handle their websites moving forward or create them from scratch, with the peace of mind that I’m available if needed.

I want you to have the WordPress Website of your dreams and take control of every aspect of your business online.

Kelly x

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We are fully booked for custom website designs until August 2022, but you can sign up for our templates launching in May below.

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