Installing a WordPress Plugin: Two Minute Tutorial

Installing a Wordpress Plugin two minute tutorial... it's totally possible! It doesn't have to be complicated so let's do this!
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Kelly Sparkes Opal and Onyx Founder

Hi, I’m Kelly and I help female entrepreneurs¬†translate their brand and message into a beautiful, responsive website, optimised to draw in and convert their ideal customer.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, I’m Kelly and today I’m going to show you how to install a WordPress plugin on your website.

WordPress is packed full of features, but it’s unlikely to have everything you’re going to need right out the box. This is where plugins come in. Think of them as small pieces of software that plug into WordPress and perform all sorts of tasks on your website. Plugins get quite a bad rap, but they are literally the best thing about WordPress.

There are over 50,000 WordPress plugins, so if you can think of something for your website to do, there will be a plugin that can help you to achieve it.

However, one thing all websites need is SEO help. So, in this video, I’m going to install the SEO plugin Yoast.

The first thing you need to do is login to your WordPress dashboard and then go down to ‘Plugins’ and click on ‘Add New’ and then over on the right, you’ve got a Search. I’m going to search for Yoast, but I could also search for SEO, or backup, or whatever type of plugin you’re looking for.

Once I’ve found my plugin, I click on ‘Install Now’ and once it’s finished, I get this ‘Activate’ button. I click on that and it’s all complete, I have installed a plugin in two minutes.

Once you’ve installed a plugin, you’re probably going to see some extra things in your navigation menu on the left, or at the top. As you will see in the video, I have a little ‘Y’ now for Yoast and down on the left, I’ve also got an extra menu item, which I can click on and configure my Yoast plugin.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and feel prepared to install a plugin now.

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