What Makes A Great About Page?

So what makes a great about page? The About page is the second most visited page on your website so if you want to be seen as an authority in your business then you need to have an amazing one!
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Kelly Sparkes Opal and Onyx Founder

Hi, I’m Kelly and I help female entrepreneurs¬†translate their brand and message into a beautiful, responsive website, optimised to draw in and convert their ideal customer.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. I’m Kelly, and today I’m going to teach you the exact layout that I follow to create fabulous About pages for my clients.

Did you know the About page is the second most visited page on your website? If you want to be seen as an authority in your business, then you need to have an amazing one.

All about who?

The main problem I see with About pages is that they are centred around the business owner, especially ones that are written in the third person. It’s not exciting, and it’s not interesting. Although it’s essential to talk about yourself, you should only do it in the context of how you can help your customers, letting them know what you do and what you have.

When clients come to your website, they are only interested in one person and that is not you, it’s themselves. They’re interested in how you can solve their problem, not in how many awards or qualifications you might have.

The five sections

I find that when designing an About page it helps if you split it into five sections so you can concentrate your message. If you follow this through, you should get a highly-converting About page.

1. Ambitions and Challenges

The first section should identify your customers’ ambitions and their challenges. You want them to read this section and know, you are the person for them, they are definitely in the right place, and they should stick around.

2. Here to help

The second section should let your customers know how you and your company can help them. You can use this section to add in your freebies or to send them off to your ‘Services’ or ‘Portfolio’ pages.

3. About me

In the third section, you can finally talk about yourself, but only in the context of how you can help your customers. It’s great to tell a story here, about how you got to where you are, why are you doing this and why your customer should choose you and your business.

4. Celebrating successes

Next, you can add in your success indicators, things like testimonials (especially video testimonials if you’ve got them), any client logos and any awards, blogs or podcasts you’ve been involved in, anything that will make the visitor trust you and your business.

5. Call to Action

Fifth and finally, once you’ve thoroughly sold them on you and your business you need to tell them what you want them to do. There’s no point in doing all this work, getting to the end and them thinking, “Okay, what now?” Therefore in this section, I like to add a contact form.

Contact Forms

Adding a contact form makes it straightforward for them to get in touch. Make it friendly and approachable so your customers feel they can get in touch and feel they can ask you any question they want. Starting a dialogue with a potential client is the first step to getting them into your sales funnel.


If you have a blog, mention that here too, and you could also mention some useful blog posts that could specifically help someone looking at your About page. Also, add a sign up to your newsletter, because it’s essential to be building your email lists at all times.


From a design perspective, it’s essential to keep this page simple. You want to get your message across without any unnecessary fluff at all.


This might sound like it’s a lot to do, especially if you’re just starting out. You might think you haven’t got much content, but just get started, get something up; anything is better than nothing.

As I said before, this is the second most visited page on your website, so having any About page is better than nothing.

I hope this video has been helpful and given you the confidence to go and tackle your About page now.

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