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Learn how to confidently Spring Clean and update your WordPress Website in 60 minutes during our virtual workshop

Is this you...

You have a WordPress Website, but haven’t updated it in a while (or ever)!

Perhaps you’re worried your website will get hacked and don’t know how to protect it?

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the amount of Spam you’re getting and don’t know how to stop it?

Imagine if you could...

Be confident your website was up to date.

Feel that you website and data was secure and protected from hackers.

Get notified when your website goes down, so you spot it before your customers.

Get notified if your website has a vulnerability, so you can fix it before it gets exploited.

Understand how to speed up and optimise your website.

Clean up and protect your website from spam in the future.

Easily check if you have any broken links on old blog posts.

How the Spring Clean your WordPress Website Workshop can help you and your Website



I will show you how to update your WordPress Website in the correct way to reduce issues and how to backup first – so you don’t have to worry about a thing!



You will learn how to protect your website from hackers and how to check if you are vulnerable or hacked already.


Speed Up

A slow website will cost you sales and traffic from search engines!  I will teach you how to measure the speed of your website and show you how to improve it.


ELiminate Spam

Everyone hates spam and it can be difficult to stop, but together we can get rid of it forever in a few simple steps.

What to expect in the Workshop

01. 90 mins Group Training

I will teach you live on Zoom Thursday 12th May 2022 at 1pm GMT, walking through each section so you are set up for success moving forward.

02. PDF checklist

You can use this moving forward to help you understand what you should be checking and when.

03. support

You won’t be alone, I will be on hand to answer any questions and help if anything bad happens!  

04. Recording of session

So you can revisit, especially when you are performing your updates on your own the first few times.

Hi I'm Kelly,

I created the Spring Clean your WordPress Website Workshop because I could see many female entrepreneurs wanting to take control of their websites but struggling to know where to start when doing updates and protecting their websites.

Which left them feeling worried that their Website was vulnerable, made their websites slow and the longer they left it, the more complicated and scarier it was to do.

But it is possible to take control of your Website – if you have the right strategies in place.

With 23 years of experience building and looking after websites and eight years of maintaining WordPress Websites for my clients, I know exactly what it takes to clean up a neglected website and get it running smoothly again.

My strategies have helped many female entrepreneurs take control of their WordPress websites and keep on top of their Website Updates, and this is what inspired me to create the ‘Spring Clean your WordPress Website with Kelly’ Workshop.

Don’t just take my word for it!

Here’s how I’ve helped other female entrepreneurs take control of their WordPress Websites.


I am so glad I decided to make the jump from Shopify to WordPress and work through Kelly’s course! I’ve just launched my first online course and my website is looking a million times better than it ever did before. And the best thing is that I did it all myself!

Thank you Kelly!!

Annabel Bird

What I love about working with Kelly is that she makes everything seem possible. Nothing is too much trouble and I have 100% confidence that no matter what kind of technical issues may arise, she’ll always be able to suggest a solution. She has a truly magical way of demystifying the sometimes intimidating world of websites and explains everything in such an easy and straightforward manner.

The technical side of running a website and online course are definitely not my forte! But with Kelly’s guidance and encouragement, I’ve gained so much confidence in making changes and taking control of my online presence.

Rona Wheeldon

Registration closes 12pm GMT Thursday 26th May

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Spring Clean Your WordPress Website

Zoom Workshop Thursday 26th May 2022 at 1pm GMT

(Recording available within 48 hours or workshop finishing)

A 90 minute workshop designed to tech you every aspect of updating and maintaining your WordPress Website.  You will get the benefit of Kelly’s eight years experience maintaining websites and her perfected process.  Best of all, she will be on hand live to help you with any issues or questions.


(introductory offer – will be £99 moving forward)

Still unsure?

Not sure if the Workshop is right for you?

The ‘Spring Clean your WordPress Website’ Workshop is NOT for everyone and I’d prefer to help you work out if it is for you before you buy, I don’t want to waste your time!

the workshop is for you if

the workshop is not for you if

Registration closes 12pm GMT Thursday 26th May

Registration has closed